Our agency is passionate about creativity, integrity and bringing brands into the digital age. We solve business’s brand or digital problems by creating innovative, interactive marketing solutions that help our clients connect with their audience on an emotional level and drive engagement across all platforms

Who Are We

This is our story, and it's a good one. We're not just another creative digital marketing agency based in Auckland, New Zealand  - we are The Recipe.


To us, your business is an extension of the lifestyle you want to live, so we help you bring that dream into reality with our strategic thinking and innovative execution. You may think this sounds like any other company out there but if you read on then we’ll show you why ours is different. 

We are not a traditional marketing agency. Instead, we're looking to blaze new trails and leave our own mark on the world - why should your business be any different?

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the only marketing support a business will need. We work like an internal CMO with a full skillset marketing team. We solve brand problems and create a brand voice and style that fits our clients' businesses and space in the market. We help businesses grow digitally without compromise.

What Makes Us Different? 

At the Recipe, we work with you to discover what already exists within your business and develop a Recipe using what's authentic and real. Your customers want to know why you are special so we build your business's brand and voice from your story. We don’t follow the trodden path. We blaze a new trail for every business we work with. We think differently from everyone else, we sound different and our difference will cut through the competition to get your story out there where it should be - right in front of your potential and actual customers.

We all have a story to tell, and your story is what you want your business' voice to be. It’s difficult for businesses these days: the noise of social media drowns out your message in an ocean of content. But with every challenge comes opportunities; if more people are trying than ever before, then really anyone has the opportunity to stand out from the crowd! So we don't start by looking at where other brands go. We take risks by going down those trails no one else ever explored. .. So create your legacy with us. We make sure each word reflects who you are as a brand - not just once or twice, but every time.

Team Members

Daniel Baird


Rico Su


Thomas Peter

Graphic Design

Stevan Tedianto


Arul Mozhi

Advertising Expert

The Recipe team is a high functioning group covering a wide array of skills. It's a low ego culture that puts the client’s success as its prize above anyone individual’s glory. The combination of these skills and how they cooperate is the secret sauce that makes it all come together. Winning online is about more than just one or two ingredients. There is cohesion in having your strategy, creative and technical working side-by-side brings your brand to life.



Tel: 0221599169

Suite 1A/17 Albert Street

Auckland CBD

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