Clients can come to us if they would like us to do their search engine optimization (SEO).

First we conduct a SEO audit and keyword research, which consist of looking at their current website and content and researching which keywords will help drive the most traffic to their website.

Next our SEO is broken into 3 parts.

On-page SEO - This is where we rewrite the website’s content to include the keywords that we discovered which will help drive more traffic to the website. This also includes writing blogs for the clients as ​​each blog can be optimized for keywords we wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to optimize on our client’s site's pages, which makes them valuable in helping improve ranking with Google.

Off-page SEO - For this, we focus on building backlinks through the use of social media and other channels. The more backlinks (good ones) we get, the higher our client ranks on Google.

Technical SEO - This is where we make sure our client’s website is running smoothly and enhancing user experience. We can include reducing the image file size on their site, so the webpage loads faster. It also includes optimizing their website for mobile use.


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