Digital Ads for Chiropractors 

At The Recipe, we specialise in running digital advertising campaigns for chiropractors, helping them get more leads and customers. 

Leave the headache behind with our expertise. Let us handle all of your digital advertising needs, so you can focus on what's important - connecting with and caring for people

Our work is backed by validated strategies and proven methods that offer our clients the most revenue and get the most return on their ROI.

The Recipe knows what works in the chiropractic market. We know what images catch attention and what words resonate with people the most. With our experience and knowledge, we have created a proven system that successfully generates more leads for any chiropractor.


Proven System

We have a proven system that successfully generates consistent leads each month for any chiropractor. 


High Quality Content

Our team can create the best creatives which will accurately reflect your business 


Transparent Data

We are very transparent. You will have access to the data and results and receive a monthly report. 



Success Story

Chiropractic Edge

Before Chiropractic Edge came to us, they had a Facebook (FB) page, which they posted regularly on, but they did not run any digital ads on social media. 

Chiropractic Edge was running a promotion for first-time patient visitors. They tried to promote it by posting on FB, but they did not experience the desired success. This was because the promotion was not reaching the intended people. While Chiropractic Edge did have followers on their FB page, most of them had already visited them, making the promotion irrelevant. The ones who were applicable for the promotion did not see it since they did not follow Chiropractic Edge’s FB page.


This is where we came in. We helped Chiropractic Edge create a FB lead generation campaign. We can choose what type of people saw Chiropractic Edge's promotion with the FB lead generation campaign. We set the demographic, psychographic, and location so that only Chiropractic Edge's intended target audience will see the promotion. With Chiropractic Edge's advice, we set the ad so only people within Auckland can see the promotion because there's no point for someone in Taupo to see Chiropractic Edge's promotion. 


The campaign immediately started generating leads after running for a few days. We got more than 60 new leads at the end of the first month. We also collected the lead's name, email, and mobile number to store them in Chiropractic Edge's database for future promotions. After testing various graphics, videos, and captions for the ads, we've learned which ones are the most effective. Now, the campaign consistently provides 60-70 new leads every month for Chiropractic Edge


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