5 tips to improve your blog writing

Remember the saying, "content is king"? Well, it's true! There are so many ways to build a strong online presence for your small business in this day and age. One of those best tactics? The best way to build out your content is by writing blog articles. By publishing new posts regularly, you can create more opportunities for ranking in relevant search results and send newsletters with fresh material!

To help you in your blogging efforts, we have put together our top 5 tips when writing your next blog. Check them out!

1. Picking your topic

Deciding what to write about is a tough decision. One of your resources that can help you with this process is your customers and clients. Think about the questions they ask you regularly or their pain points. Answering customer pain points with informational blog content is also a way to forge trust between customers and your business. It's good to ​​brainstorm a list of 5 - 10 topics to cover to have a sizeable backlog of topics to choose from when you're ready to write a new blog.

2. Blogging length and frequency

Blogging is a great way to keep your website fresh and relevant. By blogging on an ongoing basis, you'll increase the "crawlability" of content as well as signal to the search engine that you're up-to-date with trends in 2021! In terms of frequency, we recommend that business's aim to post a minimum of one blog per week

When it comes to the length of the blog, it can somewhat become a balancing act. This is a strange position for content creators, as Google prefers longer pieces of writing that signal expertise. On the other hand, users tend to prefer shorter articles because they are easier and quicker reads. This puts you in an unenviable situation when creating your website or blog posts - how long should we make them?

The perfect length for your blog is whatever suits you. As long as the content is engaging, there are no limits on how long it can be! However - 500 words will give searchers plenty of information to take in and rank higher with search engines, so we recommend aiming towards this minimum if possible.

3. Understanding Search engine optimization

The blog is a powerful way of driving traffic and increasing website rankings through search engines. Each article can be optimized for keywords you wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to optimize on your site's pages, which makes them valuable in helping improve ranking with Google.

When writing your blog, always focus on writing content that is helpful and valuable. As a general rule of thumb: write with people in mind first, pay attention to keywords when crafting an article before getting started - find out which keywords are searched most often so as not miss anything important by being aware from start to finish what topics will interest readership. However, make sure you use those keywords naturally. Don't force keywords in to include them. Remember, we're writing for people first.

4. Make your content skimmable.

Making sure you break down blocks of text with bullet points or sub-titles will help people read your articles more easily. People online tend to skim when reading rather than looking at each word one by one in an article, so breaking up large chunks into shorter sentences helps make it easier on them! A good length would be between 5 and 10 sentence maximums that are easy enough if someone wanted just the main point without any extra details included within those few lines.

5. Make use of social media.

Sharing articles on social media can help you reach more people. You could also try running ads to promote your articles with specific interests in the topics covered, like Facebook or LinkedIn Ads for businesses who want their customers reached through advertising networks.

Content marketing is a great way to strengthen your website, and it can be difficult for some business owners. Suppose you're having trouble kicking off your content marketing, or you have a website that isn't capturing leads and helping your business grow, then we. In that case, The Recipe can help you redesign your website and write custom blog articles for your business!

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