Case study - A&G Price

“History is who we are and why we are the way we are.”

Established in 1868, A&G Price Ltd is one of New Zealand’s largest and longest established heavy engineering works. They contributed majorly to the development of New Zealand as a country, especially the railworks industry.

Before The Recipe

A&G Price initially thought since they have been operating fine over 150 years of experience in the heavy engineering industry, they wouldn’t need to do any digital marketing. But that line of thought slowly changed as they realized how much the competition in the industry grew. Their competitors slowly grew their brand awareness through digital channels, while A&G Price’s brand awareness in the industry was slowly disappearing as time went on.

A&G Price realized that it was no longer an option for them to have an online presence. It's a must! Initially, A&G Price would post content without a strategy in mind. While the content they posted would get around a dozen likes, no one was commenting or sharing. No matter what A&G Price tried, they failed to get followers and awareness on their social media. That’s when they came to The Recipe for help.

With The Recipe

As always we started off with an audit of their social media. It wasn't easy to discern why A&G Price was not generating engagement or followers. The image's quality wasn't low, and the captions were engaging. Through extensive research and trial-and-error, we discovered what content would best connect with A&G Price's audience. Rather than about content such as industry news and boring promotions, A&G Price’s audiences are much more interested in the history of A&G price. We created a formal strategy around it and we saw fantastic results! Each content posted generated lots of comments and shares; people started connecting emotionally to A&G Price. This community has continued to grow bigger than ever before! Within three months we were able to increase their Facebook page from 200 likes to a community reaching 2,000 followers with active engagement.

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