Case study - Anchored Steel

“From nothing to millions”

Anchored Steel is a steel structure construction company that specializes in designing, building, and installing large steel structures, especially large farm sheds.

Before The Recipe

10 months ago, Anchored Steel did not exist, they were a blank piece of paper. The owners were uncertain on how to create a good brand to help them succeed in the steel structure industry. At that time, they didn’t know what the business’s name should be, what the logo should look like, and how to stand out from the other hundreds of shed construction companies in NZ. With the goal of creating a successful brand and company, they came to us, The Recipe for help.

With The Recipe

The first thing we did was understand exactly what our client’s new business is. We drilled deep into knowing what the Anchored Steel’s purpose was, what their drive and vision was. After understanding the core of Anchored Steel, we moved onto researching. We researched the common complaints and issues people had with other steel companies and matched them with Anchored Steel’s core competencies.

From there, we created everything related to Anchored Steel’s brand. We chose the name Anchored Steel, to represent the durability and strength of their products, created a logo which reflects the values and beliefs of Anchored Steel, and crafted up a compelling brand story which resonated with the customers.

After everything was finished, we helped launch Anchored Steel and handled everything related to digital marketing. We manage their social platforms, email marketing, website, and run social ads to help them generate four to five high quality leads each week. Fast forward 10 month and Anchored Steel has generated over $2 millions of sales.

That’s how The Recipe helped create a business which only existed as a concept, with no brand awareness or anything, to a company that is making over millions.

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