What Makes A Great Facebook Business Page?

What's the most common marketing tool for any business? Easy answer, Online Marketing! Companies and brands worldwide have dived into exploring how online marketing mediums can increase their brand awareness and sales, and the first place many starts is to create their own Facebook Business Page.

What we've seen, however, is that many Facebook Business Pages have been created by people that don't fully understand the algorithm, resulting in pages that aren't utilizing all of the critical elements that Facebook offers for business.

Optimizing your online information and posting within the rules of the algorithm allows Facebook to help you achieve your marketing goals, which comes through a process of creating a solid Facebook page that is both engaging and representative of your brand and services to the platform's audience.

Here are some of the key elements for successfully creating a Facebook Business Page that will enable you to fully utilize the benefits of having a Facebook presence for your business.

1. Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the first thing that visitors will see when they visit your page. Most businesses feel that the logo is the best image to select for its use, but whatever your choice, we recommend making sure that this profile photo matches your other profile images so that you may benefit from brand consistency. The benefit of using your logo is that visitors begin to immediately recognize you when they interact with your brand on any medium.

2. The Cover Photo

Your cover photo is the second thing your visitors notice when they visit your page. It's essential to make sure the cover photo represents your organization and makes them feel they are selecting the right business. Please make sure the photo is of high quality and sized to the correct aspect ratio, or else Facebook will stretch the image to fit it in. An ideal cover photo is sized to 820 X 312 pixels. We recommend keeping refreshing this infrequently in line with new announcements or offers that you release.

3. The 'About' Section

This is one of the most important sections of your page to get right and requires being very particular in describing your business and the services you offer. It would be best to edit this section with as much detail as you can provide, including using offers and key phrases that your consumers want to hear, details on how you can help and even better, how they can further educate themselves about your business. Always double check your contact information and ensure you have written a great 'story'. Also, represent yourself accurately in your 'business hours' - it becomes brand inconsistent being 'Open 24 Hours' if you won't pick up the phone at 2 am. It's happened.

4.The 'Milestones'

This is the most underused feature of Facebook to date but lends heavily towards optimizing Facebook Business Pages. Milestones have been built into the 'About Section' to share your achievements, important dates and awards your business have achieved. This helps greatly enhance your businesses reputation and creditability. 5 Milestones is enough to optimize a page, yet only 3% of pages we have ever come across have added a milestone! This one quick update will help to boost your optimization score immediately.

5. The "Call to Action" Button

This is one of the most important buttons on Facebook! You'll find that button underneath your Cover Photo - where you will be able to select the type of call to action from the following options;

  • Buy Now

  • Shop Now

  • Send Email

  • Call Now

  • Send Message

  • Contact Us

  • Sign Up

The greatest feature about these buttons is that they are easy to tweak to a wide range of options, such as linking to any website, landing page, contact us page or home page. We recommend looking at your sales process for businesses to decide where to send your new prospects for ease of sales or even the most commonly converting customer journey. Pro tip: make sure you direct your customers to the steps they need to take in as few clicks as possible!

6 .Engaging timeline

A successful Facebook business page is not defined by how many visitors you are attracting but by showcasing interesting stuff to keep them there and revisit the page. The secret to that is an engaging timeline, meaning posting creative content, educational post and easily relatable.

7. Integration with Instagram

If you have an Instagram business profile, make sure you turn on your Instagram feed to post on your Facebook page as well. This helps in cross-promoting your social media channels.

8. Users likes

Liking a Facebook business page and following the page goes hand in hand. A person who likes the page by default will start following the page only when they haven't changed their default settings. Encourage your customers to like your page to keep them updated with the offers, events, special products, changes in business hours and your offerings. Likes provide social proof that helps to get additional users to like your page. The more the likes, the more brand awareness.

9. Pinned Posts

Allow your most engaging post to be pinned. Pinned posts, meaning your posts remain at the top of your timeline for 7 seven days and then after it returns back to their original place.

Of course, if you need help with your FB business page, you can contact us, The Recipe ltd. We are a creative digital marketing agency that strives for innovation in every project we take on. From website design to social media campaigns, The Recipe has what it takes to make your brand stand out among others online!

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